Shotcut crashing

Hi I downloaded this program because of the good reviews and I had enough of camtasia but I haven’t be able to to load my videos with out the program crashing I have high hopes for this program and don’t want to be disappointing at day one
I have 64bit windows 7 and I installed the (x86) because the 64bit was not comparable it says._

thanks Mike G

But you haven’t told us anything about your video files or about your computer OS and hardware specs.
You should also tell us your Shotcut settings.

FYI I install the 64bit and nothing change.
The shotcut settings are the default settings that come with it
OS window 7 64bit
Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M
Video file (mp-4) 28 MB to 90 MB
500 MB HD
Error : Shotcut experience a problem and need to shutdown right after loading 2 or 3 videos to the time line loading the playlist no problem but dragging it to time line and wamo…

OK, so you’re using a laptop.

.mp4 ?
MP4 is a container file.
Download MediaInfo and check to see the codec details and check to see if it’s variable or constant framerate.
(If you use OBS to record screens, you will likely have variable framrate video which Shotcut doesn’t like).

Hi, best of success with Shotcut!

Enabling/disabling gpu acceleration in settings might help

Clearing out settings/registry might help as well - as it thankfully did in this case:

I do appreciate the help but you are talking shop to me yes the video is maid on a smart phone yes is (variable) and yes I like to be able to just copy/paste or drag it in to the program and edit it, can this program convert it or encode it?
I watch the tutorial and he grab a mp-4 file and worked on it then he encode it I don’t know Y this program don’t have that and I don’t know Y he did that._
Sorry for all the I don’t know stuff but I need it a rendering program where I bring file in edit it and exported or burn it. thank you

You might want to first transcode it using something like Handbrake to get a constant framerate.
Shotcut works very well, but there are a few caveats (like all NLEs actually) that need to be understood to get the best out of them.
Everyone is new at some point, the trick is to spend a little time learning to understand common jargon and watching lot’s of basic tutorials.
Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you i will give it a try…:sunglasses: