Shotcut crashes when opening clip in timeline(Part II)

1.Opened Shotcut
2.Imported video file & trimmed it
3.Put a clip in the playlist & played it.
  1. Dragged the clip from the playlist to the timeline.
  2. Shotcut crashes as I’m editing clip in the timeline

How can I fix this?

Shotcut Version 19.08.16

What exactly did you do between 4 & 5?

Following your steps works fine for me, no crash.
Shotcut 19.08.16

After I dragged my video clip to the timeline, I began to add the fade in and fade out filters into the video clip. Then suddenly, Shotcut crashed… I don’t know why this is happening.

I added fade in/out video & audio filters, Shotcut did not crash for me.
From here we are going to need a more information about your project/computer, etc…
In this tutorial I wrote spells out specifically what information we would need to help you out.

Try changing Settings > Display Method. (Automatic usually selects OpenGL.)

I believe it’s solved now! I took your advice of Changing Settings, Display Method then I selected OpenGL.
Thanks a lot!
I don’t know why it worked but it seems to be good now.

See also

I solved my crashing problem by stopping the video from playing before adding to the time line. Works for me.

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mine crashes every time I try editing. I’m using a MAC High Sierra 10:13 and the above SETTINGS recommendation don’t apply to MAC… I just updated to 19.09.14 and now get a BLACK screen when I click on FILTERS… is this fixable… (I can attach the crash message if need be)

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