Shotcut crashes when moving timeline back into main window

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 Home

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Recently, I started working with my timeline popped out into its own window on a second screen to be able to see everything better. My current project has a script that I am trying to use with a voiceover, so I would like to use my 2nd screen for that. However when I try to put the timeline back in the main window, it snaps in but crashes when I try to interact with anything. This happens every time

What if you start Shotcut, do not open anything, move Timeline back, do not open or interact with anything, and restart Shotcut?

I have the exact same problem. (Though, I use Windows 11) After the timeline snaps back in, I can do some things (like play the project), but as soon as I try to scroll the timeline down to V1 (several tracks in there–the reason for popping it out to begin with) Shotcut crashes. It happens every time

by “move it back, do not interact, and restart” did you mean restart the computer?

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Exact Same thing is happening to me right now. I cannot finish this video as whenever I try to scroll Shotcut crashes…

I have a video but its 48mb, the maximum here is 8mb so I cant post it :confused:

This bug report is not about scrolling. Is your timeline panel detached from the main window as this bug report is about? If so, answer my question above.

I increased the maximum upload video size if you want to try again.

Doing something I know will crash Shotcut while I’m wroking on project more than freaks me out. So this is what I do when I want to snap the time line back into the main workspace: (1) Save project and Close app (2) reopen app (3) snap the empty timeline back into empty main screen (4) close App - [there is nothing there to save] (5) reopen app (6) reopen project.

Not the quickest way to move a work panel into a desired location, but it beats watching all my hard work freeze for 3 seconds and then disappear making me wonder what will be left when I reopen

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I thankfully fixed it. (almost lost 10+ hours of work). On the top left I went to view ----> Layout ----> Restore Default layout. I had to go into a project and do that then save otherwise it would just be back to what it was before (separated timeline). Thanks for the quick responses.

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