Shotcut crashes or says application is illegal every time I try to open a project

So I started using Shotcut about a week ago and my first project went very smoothly so I made another one but then when the project got to about 14 minutes long one time when i was working on it Shotcut just crashed but i didnt think much of it since it happened to me many times before and auto save would save everything but that time when i reopened shotcut and clicked on the project Shotcut said ‘Not Responding’ for a few seconds before crashing again. Its been 3 days since that and every time i press the project shotcut crashes. My other file will still load but not this one and the only thing i did moments before the crashes was ctlr+scroll. I’ve tried basically everything such as uninstalling and reinstalling shotcut but nothing seems to stop it from crashing. Is this because the project is too long? If so how can i make it shorter without opening the project?

P.S Today when I tried to open it of said ‘Cannot open application because it is illegal’ or something

Also here is the project:updated version.mlt (352.5 KB)

I found a few problems in your project:

  1. The track height is very high. I suppose that could be a problem with your system and GPU memory. I will add a limit to this in a near future version to prevent problems. Here is your file with that change: updated version - corrected1.mlt (352.5 KB)
  2. Your project frame rate is weird: 30.018804. That should not cause a problem but I suppose it could. It is a sign that you are using Video Mode = Automatic and video with variable frame rate (common problem from screen capture software). Variable frame rate is not supported, but it does not usually cause this sort of problem but rather problems with accurate seeking on edits and A/V sync. Here is your project with the previous change plus changed to 30 fps.: updated version - corrected2.mlt (352.5 KB)
  3. You are using a slightly old version 20.07 and making heavy usage of the Crop: Rectangle filter. In older versions, that filter used a web technology to power that filter. That technology caused problems and has been removed. If you open this project in a new version (I suggest you try the beta), Shotcut automatically converts these filters to their new technology replacement.

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