Shotcut chroma key simple not working

my operating system is 64 bit

my shotcut version is 64 bit and the latest version of shotcut

i recently downloaded the most recent version of shotcut, i wanted to edit a video of mine so everything seemed normal i got the video and put it into my timeline, i wanted to use a green screen, so i did all the steps that it takes to use one, i got chroma key: simple and when i tried to change the distance it would stay the same and not do anything, it wouldnt fade or do anything to remove the green screen someone please help also in the clips i put i have no audio in them why is this happening

I just did a test with version 20.09.27 and it works fine for me.

Have you tried other green screen videos and images?

yep tried multiple not working, tried restarting shotcut multiple times, tried restarting my pc, nothing is working, im going to redownload

didnt work

I am unable to reproduce, and this filter has not changed recently. You might be using it incorrectly. For example, to see it do anything, it needs to be on a video track above something else in a lower video track (or use the Alpha Channel: View video filter since this filter only affects the non-visible alpha channel). Also, you cannot trust the default green and should always use the eye dropper to pick a color preferably by dragging a small rectangle to average over the selected pixels.
You need to include a screenshot or exact steps that are reproducible to accept this as a bug.

Chroma Key: Simple works for me on the latest version:

@stompz, Do you want to post an image or video of you demonstrating how it’s not working for you?

Perhaps share a screenshot with all of the tracks visible with the clip in view with the chroma key filter shown in the filters panel.

It works fine for me.
Source green screen image:

suddenly chroma key advanced stopped working


Shotcut version 20.10.31

I did chroma key settings on 3 videos and on 4 video stoped working at all. I did new video with mkv ext., imported and after several changes stoped working gain.
I closed program at all, opened again , created new project, imported same first file and ups again not working, i imported random other video, again no responce from changes, maybe uninstall shotcut and install again? I will lose project or not ?

Try the new beta for the upcoming release that was posted here:

and see if you are still having issues.

sorry i changed last post to
i instaled new beta 20.11 version, still can’t end project , because same error. Video track before last one i cant edit, but last inserted video not. :frowning: I think i will go on that Adobe Premiere. :frowning:

The video is on V1. There isn’t another video on a layer below it. I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you wanting to export a video with transparent holes in it?

Of course, he is going to say “yes” because he is not a native English speaker, and it sounds close enough. There have been no real changes in Chroma Key: Advanced since about a year. I have no idea what his problem is.

Hello :), my video ended on green oval , other is test and you talking about test side. (Are you wanting to export a video with transparent holes in it?). In fact yes :slight_smile: i want 1 video with no background and that is done in green area. Its interesting i can work with green and no responce in red, but im working on ssd speed issues now on C drive, maybe there is a problem. Sorry for my english :). Im writing ENG 20 times in a year.
Please do test ,try to add 5 videos and attach that chome event to each.

What does “ended” mean? Your screenshot shows the playhead is after the green oval. Are you saying export is failing?

no responce in red

What does “response” mean? In your screenshot, the video preview looks the same as the thumbnail clip. So, the engine is responding to the playhead position. If you are expecting to see some colors removed from the image, what do you expect to see when there is nothing underneath? You cannot directly view the alpha channel. Add the video filter Alpha Channel: View if you want to see it.

here goes video

Thank you. I watched your video. There is nothing underneath the video on V1. Shotcut does not blend video on V1 with a black blackground. Shotcut does not show transparent areas with a white-and-gray checker board unless you add the Alpha Channel: View filter. Chroma Key works on your green oval because you have the clip on a track above V1 with something below it so you can see something else. Again, what do you want to see when you remove the color? Move the clip with red oval to a higher track and put whatever you want to see under it.

I have the same issue with ShotCut constantly! You film something on a professional green screen, import it into ShotCut, place the clip on track 2, place something under it on track 1, add Chroma Key, use the eyedropper, and nothing happens. It occurs about 50% of the time because ShotCut has major flaws compared to other software.

If I reboot my computer, reimport the clip and do it all over again, wasting valuable time, the Chroma Key usually works then. But no other program has issues like this and consumes more of your time with idiotic shortcomings like this.