Shotcut Buggy Export

I just don’t get it. I love the many editing tools and ease of making professional level projects that Shotcut provides. That said, for some strange reason I can’t finish exporting a project that has webm, mp4, and png files with many filters of text, sizing, rotation, and picture in picture. It gets stuck at 10% for hours and never finishes exporting. I see that many others have this same type of issue with exporting.

Why is Shotcut so buggy? I am using only the built in Shotcut filters with compatible file formats. Will I need to start using Windows Movie Maker again which exports flawlessly, but it just isn’t on ​the same level as Shotcut? I hope not…

All software has bugs, but this software comes with important caveats.
Shotcut is an open source work-in-progress application which as I understand is mostly the work of one man as a hobby. I think being open source means that it’s open to other devs to help out.

The point to monthly releases is to add [or test] new features and patch critical bugs. Of course bugs can never be fixed if they aren’t correctly reported and are repeatable (it’s not a bug if it can’t be reliably repeated).
Users of Shotcut are essentially software testers, and you should be fine with that because it’s free and works well for the most part, but don’t use it for mission critical assignments or work for paying clients.

So rather than just reporting that you’re having problems, it would be better for you to follow the bug reporting directions and give the dev’s something to actually go on?

Here’s how to correctly report a bug (or bugs):

Thanks for the response about how to report a bug, although in this case, there is really no bug to report since I stated that I am using only the built in Shotcut filters with compatible file formats. Believe me, I understand that this is not a finished product, especially since I created 2 projects with the above mentioned specifications. But, even when I add only webm video parts with no filters at all, it takes over 5 hours to export a 20 minute video. In Windows Movie Maker, this takes much less time, obviously. But why do most other users not have such problems with Shotcut is what I don’t understand. Is it hardware related?

That doesn’t mean there are no bugs. A computer bug can be caused by an unforeseen combination of processes which results in an unexpected outcome. Some combinations are impossible to predict in advance [even by beta testers] which is why a step by step report on how to reliably reproduce a bug is important.

Shotcut isn’t anything like WMM.

I doubt you even know most other users :slight_smile: I expect most users don’t even use this forum and lots (like myself) don’t report or post about every issue because it’s not repeatable and because they are aware that the software is not [and may never be] a commercial grade software product. It’s a fun and mostly quite useful piece of software but we understand it’s limitations.

Everything is hardware related :wink:

Besides only writing about the issue or providing an mlt file, is there any way to run debugging software to report as well? Or is the debugging only available in the progress of the exporting properties, which doesn’t really reveal that much, as far as I can tell…?