Shotcut becomes unresponsive after having a hour of footage in timeline

It still works but is extremely laggy and constantly freezes. I have a pretty high end computer (rtx3070ti, 11th gen i7,32gb ddr4 ram)

Ive never had this issue in the past. ive never used proxies before and after using them it helps a bit but is still pretty bad.
Keyframes are really annoying to do as it takes 10-60 seconds after each change/update.

If this is a setting or something i need to change i would like to know what that is. if this is just a limatation with shotcut then ill just use premiere pro. I’d prefer to keep using shotcut but if it cant handle this kind of editing then ill switch software.

Also the video is 1080p 60fps

This doesn’t matter, I have a desktop with 8x more ram than yours, but shotcut still lags even on a simple HD 60fps project, but why, because of the edits I have done. They are pretty heavy for my CPU and GPU, covering almost 60% of CPU, and 40% GPU, and the rest of the system is covered by chrome and blender. There are more than 150 shortclips in my project, with atleast 1 effect on each of them. This makes my desktop extremely laggy.

Any high end PC will struggle if a app reaches it’s maximum resources available :slightly_smiling_face:.

Edit:- I just found one of my old screenshots. Even though I had 64 gb ram at that time, see that premiere used a lot of ram:-

That is true yes but that wasnt my issue.My gpu,cpu, and ram were not being fully utilized.

also i recommend using opera gx or alternative, it uses a lot less ram.

What Video Mode are you using for your project? To show the Video Mode specifications used, click on Output, then Properties.

What are your video specifications shown in Shotcut? Click on clips of each video, then Properties. If your videos have a Variable Frame Rate, you could try to convert them to Edit Friendly.

What filters are you using?

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