Shotcut app size

What is the app size when installed? Can someone check it out and write here pls

252 Mo

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Windows installation in the Program Files folder : 315 Mo

There is also another folder in AppData > Local > Meltytech > Shotcut that weights only a few megs after installation but it can grow over time if you use proxies and don’t delete them.

EDIT: hmm Actually, there is a large file in AppData > Local > Meltytech > Shotcut
db.sqlite3 = 186 Mo

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Thanks to both of you

De temps en temps, pensez à supprimer ce fichier. Je le fait périodiquement et Shotcut ne s’en comporte que mieux.

From time to time, consider deleting this file. I do it periodically and Shotcut behaves better for it.

The db file is the cache of waveforms and thumbnails.

Related to the creation of proxies in hidden folder, I configured Shotcut so that the creation of proxies has another destination, as I explain in these links, to be able to manage better the proxies that I don’t need.

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