Shotcut and GForce Experience/Fraps

Hi there,

recently I’m using Shotcut, coming from MS MovieMaker and it needed not much time to get comfortable with it.

The issue:
Until recently I used Fraps to capture videos from my flight sim, these files are AVI and have ca. 5 GB each minute, not so suitable for my last partition with ca. 80 GB free disk space.

So, one solution was a 1 TB SSD, another GForce Experience,

With GForce Exp. I need maybe 550 MB each minute (less or more, you can adjust it), “but” GForce Exp. makes hardware encoded MP4 files (if I understood correctly) and each time I want to load such a GForce Exp. MP4 file, Shotcut raises a dialog window, because of variable framerate and that I should convert into a more friendly format.

The first time I adjusted to MAX!..: MKV. I had no idea, what I exactly do, but meaning “Better is better!”. And the file size raised from 3,8 GB (ca. 7 min.) to 12 GB. But that is not a comfortable solution because, currently and e.g., I have 12 GForce Exp. MP4 files (each ca. 4 GB)…, then I could use again Fraps and would have less GB’s…, not to mention the time, it would need.

Currently [1] I’m trying the lowest conversion into mp4/h264/aac3 (it still needs 24 min. from 33 min., and has already 2,6 GB<!>)…, only just to see, what file size it will be.

My question would be: What exactly is it meaning from Shotcut “the file has variable framerate”?

In GForce Exp. I set the capturing to 60 FPS (“Better is better.”), where I have often only ca. 40 FPS in the game. Maybe I set the capturing to 30 FPS, which I always have…, or what?

[1] Just at 55%…, and about 15 to go.

I forgot the main thing, I’m searching for help… :slight_smile:

In my Shotcut project I use currently the vanilla MP4 files from GForce Exp. and every time and at the same position, the export fails.
What I can do now? Buying a 1 TB SSD and using Fraps again? Or will there be another way/solution, except converting by Shotcut to a more “user friendly” file (I’m a german, and that is the/my translation from what I read)?

The best solution would be, using GForce Exp. (and its vanilla MP4 file) and Shotcut, of course…

Thanks for your advice in advance.


The video frames do not have a consistent duration. That makes editing the video very difficult, and like most video editors Shotcut does not support it (although it will let you try because it might be a false detection).

Hmm, I’m not sure I understand correctly…

“The video frames do not have a consistent duration…”, what, in that case is a frame?
Your are not meaning the duration of each captured part with GForce Exp., yes? But what?

Meanwhile I made some tests…
In the error log was to read from one part in which the error, interrupted export, occurs and I exported it with no edits, raw, and all was fine, Also with another part…
So my idea is/was, that the reason isn’t that GForce Exp. MP4 file, rather maybe a corrupted Shotcut project…<?>

(BTW: Is there a, for me, readable time step, e.g. "Error occured at 5:12:24 (or such)?)

Therefore I started that project completely new, with steps in saving, intro->saving as, first raw part->saving as, you know. And now I start with exporting each “Saved As”-part…

I think it is good idea to post the news about that…

Thanks for your answer and with best regards


Last night I converted the marked file in the error log to a more “user friendly” file. And with that it works! That is the good news…

But, the converted file (I used the lowest setting, into MP4) has now 8,5 GB, the original file, made by GForce Exp. has 3,8 GB.

The resulting question now is, what setting do I use for the final cut?!

Currently, I used 55% for the codec, but for the raw files from GForce Exp. …
What I mean is, will I have a quality difference in the final export, if I have mixed “user friendly converted” and GForce Exp. raw files? Does it needs to export the “user friendly” file with e.g. 50% for the codec to have the same quality in the final export?

And, why is it so hard to manage hardware encoded files, instead of pure AVI files (e.g. by Fraps)?

The advantage of Shadowplay (GForce Exp.) is clear, not alone smaller file size, rather especially FPS, with Fraps I have up to 20 FPS less than with Shadowplay, and Shadowplay shows capturing status (on / off) not in the captured video…

Best regards

Just some thoughts on recording software and quality of initial recording.

Never heard of Fraps until this post. I watch a lot of content on game stream setups, streaming advice in general, and not once have I ever heard of this software. There are three very dominant software names out there. OBS, Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS), & xSplit. Yes the standard manufacturer software to your graphics card. I used OBS, and offers a wide range of features and flexibility. Never had an issue editing any of the files from OBS. OBS has a huge support group, vast amounts of plug-ins, huge amount of Tutorials, although I do recommend watching EposVox on YouTube. All of his advice is the best I’ve found and very accurate. SLOBS & GeForce is easy to get set up, but lacks serious advanced settings which are standard with OBS, as I have created different Profiles for each game, different scenes, etc…, where with other software, you can’t. I’m guessing you can with xSplit, but I’m not going to pay to find out.

I too thought the highest settings are the best. Then when I finally started testing each game to see what was needed for the bit rates, it was much, much lower than I had thought to get the quality I was looking for. If you’re going to publish to YouTube, I’d stick in the 60fps range. The bitrate would depend upon your game and what you want as a result. Use VLC to play back your test footage to see what works best for you, or else invest in a nice NAS system where you have to swap out hard drives for each game session you play.

A) No (really) chance with Shadowplay and editing!
I first would have to convert the raw data…, no.

B) Thanks, thanks for information, because of OBS. Never knew it before.
Made first tests, looks good, has a constant framerate, should work with Shotcut.
(One little thing I’m missing with OBS…, no info, if it is recording.)

Howsoever, I hope I now can make (simply) videos, videos, videos… :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who helped<!>, and
very best regards

There is a support forum for OBS, but to quickly answer your question.
Yes there is, lower right hand corner.

In OBS, Help/Help Portal

As to not flood this forum with OBS help, this will be my last reply dealing with OBS and it’s best to carry questions to their support forum. There is no definitive settings anyone could ever tell you to use any software, OBS, Shotcut, etc… it’s up to you to test out various settings to get the desired outcome best for your video. No, the highest possible numeric value does not mean the best quality, but it will maximize your file size for no reason. Run tests, then more tests, use VLC media player to view your tests, in YouTube you can set a video to “Private”… upload there then play them back in your browser to verify you like what you see.

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