Shotcut adds color banding to video

I am on windows 10, on the newest shotcut version. Basically when you add a video to shotcut it adds a lot of color binding to it, where there is shades in color, unless there already is binding in the original video, but it doesn’t happen when I try to use something else such as adobe premiere pro, also, even if I export in a high bitrate it still looks like that.

Shotcut is currently an 8-bit editor. If 10-bit video was used, banding could potentially happen in conversion or after a filter stretches color values. (Of course this can happen for 8-bit video too.) Could you attach a screenshot of the clip’s Properties panel or a MediaInfo description so we can tell what kind of video file is being used? Also let us know if any filters are involved.

I hope this is what you mean:

I’m 99% sure I record in 8-bit

Here is just a comparison of how it looks in Premiere vs Shotcut:

Premiere pro: Premiere pro - Album on Imgur
Shotcut: Shotcut - Album on Imgur

Had to use links because since I am a new user I can only post 1 photo.

You can export in full range or 10-bit. Search here on “color banding”

I saw a few threads about that, I ended up exporting in 10-bit h.264 and in MPEG4 because someone said it helped, but neither seemed to do anything, I assume its because on the preview it has it, so it gets added to the video itself.

I made a Deband filter that will take care of that banding for you. See:

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Sorry, I didn’t see this until now, I will try it soon

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