Shotcut 21.02.27 - Project missing files

In the playlist were 3 small video clips.
(1920 x 1080 mp4 files)
First one loaded into time line, made some small editing and exported the video.
Second clip did the same.
(Note: The first one was done, the second still exporting)
Third clip loaded to timeline, made some editing, while clicking to export the video got some strange warning notice as on the attached screenshot.
Settings for all three videos the same.
Did as warning says, reopened the program and loaded Shotcut What is it the saved project, same warning.
What is wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Program version 21.02.27
System win 10, 1909 x 64

Do you get a message like the one below, with “blank” in the name of the missing file?

Yes, I get a message like in your screenshot with the name of the first (done) clip.
Browsed to the folder where the original clip is, then program loaded the others, tried to export the third, same warning.
Well, I’ll try the previous version of shotcut.
Thanks for the answer.

But the word “blank” did not appear in the message?

This is important for debugging, as others have had the same problem, with what might be called a “phantom file” named “blank”.

So it is important to know if “blank” was in the message.

There was no “blank” word in the message, only as said before, the name of the first clip.
Tried the previous version - all is well.

Thank you.

That was vital information.

There was no change in the area of missing files dialog upon export between versions 21.01 and 21.02. What did you downgrade to, and did you open and export the exact same project file that showed that error?

The next version adds an Ignore button to this dialog to let you continue anyway because there might be a false warning that does not affect output.

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Answering your question: I re-installed the previous version,21.01.29.
I did not have in mind to load that saved project file, instead just loaded those three video clips and let it go, when finished and saw everything is ok, I deleted that saved project file, also cleaned the recycle bin before closing the computer to get some sleep., sorry.
All the best.

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