Shortcut collision

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
The problem is when I’d like to enter “ś” letter (RALT+S) it’s colliding with backup save, and I can’t type letter “ś” in Text: Simple filter. I can type in all other letters (such as źćół etc.) but not ś

I had the same issue with ș (RALT+S), you’ll need to change the backup save shortcut in Help → Actions and shortcuts to something else.

Is that a confirmed workaround?

Thanks, that worked!

FYI this likely “started” in 22.09 as I remember reporting it here.

But I see no real fix for it (unless the workaround to change the shortcut is considered a fix) because the save function should always trigger even when writing text. In my post I mention ctrl+alt+i as ctrl+alt+s (backup save feature) was not added yet I believe.

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I’ve always preferred to use Windows charmap for special characters (available on Linux and Mac) and copy/paste, especially for [ ] or { } characters I use a lot, which are keyframe shortcuts.
It’s a fast workaround without modifying Shotcut’s shortcuts.

You mean you copy paste each special character? That seems very tedious unless you use it very rarely.

This is fixed for the next version by detecting the right Alt as AltGr and then removing ALL shortcuts that start with Ctrl+Alt. These shortcuts will still appear in the menus and Actions and Shortcuts window until it detects the AltGr press somewhere, anywhere. You can still define custom shortcuts for the actions that lose their Ctrl+Alt shortcut. The application log will show

[Info ] MainWindow::keyPressEvent Received AltGr keypress, removing Ctrl+Alt shortcuts

This was fixed in a different way that does not remove the shortcuts.