Share project from PC to MAC problem

I found a problem sharing a project made with ShotCut on PC and open with ShotCut on Mac. The folder tree is exactly the same and the project is inside this folder tree containing all the video files.
ShotCut cannot find the video files because in the project they seam to be linked by an absolute path. See the picture, in the path there is the name of the PC HDD “D:/…”
Is it possible to manage that ShotCut not link the video files with an absolute path, but with a relative path?

Is too bad, because ShotCut result not really multi-platform !


Projects and files loaded into Shotcut that are not on drive C: is known to cause this bug. Fix will be released in the next version. Related post here.

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I had the same problem, hope that will be fixed in the next version :wink: thx

Thank you Lauren.
I read the post you linked, but I don’t know if the problem is exactly the same.
The problem with me, is when I try to open the project edited with a PC on a Mac. In fact, the screen-shot that I shared is taken on a Mac computer. On the PC, all is working.