Fail to open file on drives other than C:

Version 17.01.02
Drag’n’drop into Shotcut or group drag’n’dop into playlist fails to open any file located on HDDs other than volume labled C:
If I copy a file from say D: to C: it will open just fine.
Not a problem with December 2016 version of ShotCut still installed.

Hi, reproduced the problem with 16.12 and 17.01 Shotcut versions and I can confirm that when I drag and drop files from a disk different from C the videos aren’t loaded in Shotcut. I hope this information helps.


As mentioned in my OP, 16.12 works fine here, problem has only arisen with 17.01 for me.

You are right, I didn’t wrote that correctly. I tested with both versions but the problem only happened with 17.01. Thank you for poiting that.

Same issue here! I’m downgrading so I can keep working. Please fix this!

This is fixed for the next release (17.02):
It only affects drag-n-drop from a file manager on Windows. Can still use File > Open and Recent panel.