Several day project frustrating me

First of all… hello. Someone told me about this product/app/program to help me with something.

However… I’ve been working on a project for the past two days now and I’m starting to get frustrated. I did a stream on Twitch of the FF16 Demo (great BTW but not the point) but forgot to unmute my headset. So I created post commentary where I watched my own (private) YouTube video. I’m trying to have that audio be the audio of my original Twitch export to YouTube. I’ve run until several problems and every time I think I solve it a new problem comes up and that’s why it’s lasted several days and frustrating me to no end.

Originally, the audio was desynched. I managed to fix it. I had to delay the video for 44 seconds for some reason. But the video wasn’t 720p for some reason so I had to redo it. Now I can’t even add my post commentary audio as the audio for my original Twitch export. I’m selecting the Timeline and Track Operations and add video track, adding the mute filter, and updating. Then putting in the audio with my post commentary in the timeline, track operation, add audio track. But it won’t let me update. I no longer have the original post commentary video. What I have is an exported Shotcut video with the post commentary that’s desynched so the audio is technically longer that my original Twitch export.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me fix this? Or am I just SOL now? I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

If most of your problems seem to appear after you play the export in a video player (other than Shotcut) then see

No. It’s desynched in Shotcut as well.

Yep. I knew it. I’m SOL. I don’t know what I did but I fixed it but now my commentary is behind what’s going on onscreen. Wonderful.

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