Set positional alignment location?

Is there a way to change the location for where Shotcut aligns sources to? It always defaults to top left, but I can work out the maths for where stuff should be as if the centre was in that spot. Is there a way to change the way the alighment works so it reads from the centre as opposed to top left?

Could you provide a bit more detail or share screenshot examples?

As far as I know, images or videos always align to the center of the Video Mode. By default, Shotcut zooms out the media source to the nearest height or width of the video, whichever is met first when the aspect ratio is different than the video mode.

Example: 1080p Video Mode

Example: Vertical video mode

I think @Mathias4595 is talking about what part of the clip is used to define it’s position on the screen.

If the position parameters are set to 0 and 0, it means the top left corner of the clip is at the 0 - 0 position on the screen.

From what I understand, I think he’d prefer that the origin point was in the center of the clip.

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Yeah I should have explained it better. When I put in the position for where I want something, it always goes to top left when I want it to be measured from the centre. As a result when I try to brute force it, any animations I do get all messed up.

Hope this helps

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