Separate quality while editing?

Sometimes when I have a lot of clips and effects on my timeline the performance drops.
As I’m not very used to editing from before, I wondered if I could set up my project to render the preview in a lower quality than I export to, as quality there is less important, and I still want to export in full HD or even better. This would speed up my work flow. This may fall under the suggestions category, heh…

I see video mode options in the settings tab, along with other stuff, but I don’t know what any of it means. Non-Broadcast?

Love what you do with Shotcut, I was amazed when I found it and still am.

You can set Settings > Video Mode to something lower resolution but with the same aspect ratio and frame rate that you need to export. Then, when you export, you can increase the resolution. This should work except if you are using the Overlay HTML filter, which does not automatically scale to the export resolution.

Neat! I dared not hope it would be this easy to change the preview. I use a custom resolution. Could still see some improvement though. Maybe it’s the audio quality too, but I was looking for a way to change how preview clips are generated or something. Possibly by a step involving duplicating the raw files, reducing the quality of those, and working on them until exporting the original files, for optimization.

If that’s how it’s done usually I mean. I haven’t even browsed the code enough to get any idea. But that the displayed video shows a low resolution doesn’t help me, if the data used to generate it (, filters, layers and all,) comes from full HD video clips. I’m just assuming this is why, but I have no experience yet.
I have two video tracks for the main project I’m doing now, both with audio - one is muted. When I simply run it I have loads of lag. Intel i7, skyhigh RAM, GTX 1080 etc.

So the question is more how to setup a project for minimal quality/maximum performance while editing I suppose. The help is much appreciated.

Hi, you can try the instructions here a see if it works for you:

Just what I was looking for! Amazing fix =)

Well, I tried that (smart meme playing). But there is an issue. It messes up settings for top and bottom bars as I try to use black colour static picture generated by Shotcut and scaled to 1920x150 (distorted), so I can animate the 16:9 aspect ratio of the video picture to shrink down to the cinema scope aspect ratio, and then enlarge it again back to 16:9 - it makes the video playback much smoother, but messes up these settings. Currently, the workaround for this seems to make exactly 1920x1080 transparent PNG files, each for one of the bars (one for top, one for bottom), and animate these. Sound good, I guess.

I know this is an old topic, but I just had to say anything. Doesn’t Shotcut got some settings to preview video in lower quality yet? Because it really drops the performance when the clip is too long or there are too many clips overlayed at the playback position. Please, allow to scale the playback down for a preview, whilst having the current settings untouched and making it easier to export it in higher quality, so it doesn’t mess up the animation rigging.