Select Area for Chroma Key

Hi everyone, i have been trying out a few things in Shotcut, and i was wondering if its possible to apply Chroma Key to only a certain/selected area somehow??

Basically the second video, i resized it so that it will fit in the area where i want it to be displayed. Then i would like to use Chroma Key, to only expose that area.

I hope it makes sense somehow, i am by no means a pro when it comes to editing.

Hi @Kanti
Maybe I don’t understand completely what you want to do, but wouldn’t it be easier to just make your second video appear on top of the other one?

If you have a visual example of what you are trying to do, it could help us to understand better.

Kanti, as MusicalBox says, we can be more precise in answering if you can give us more information.

But that said … I would think the general way to achieve what you are wanting to achieve is going to be with a Mask filter. Masks can be a bit harder to understand (or at least, for me they are), but they are immensely powerful in letting you “mask out” the video so that the filters and effects only occur in a selected area. If you haven’t yet, I would look for some tutorials on using masks and work through them.

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Do you mean rotoscoping? If yes, SC don’t have that.

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