Segfault on Linux Starting Version 19.10.20

When I run the AppImage file for the most recent version (19.10.20) I get a segfault. I did not have this problem with the previous version I was using (19.09.14). Nothing on my system has changed as far as I know. Lubuntu 18.04. Is anyone else having trouble with this? The last few lines of the output are below:

[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Rutt-Etra-Izer" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "webvfx_swirl" "meta.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Swirl" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "webvfx_threejs_text" "meta.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Text: 3D" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "white" "meta_frei0r.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "White Balance" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "white" "meta_movit.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "White Balance" 
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Okay, I spoke a little too soon. The old version (19.09.14) is now segfaulting for me too, so it must be related to a recent upgrade on my end or something? Whatever the reason, Shotcut will suddenly no longer run for me on Lubuntu 18.04.

So I noticed that the segfault was happening just after the window border was drawn. Started to think that maybe it was a graphics driver issue. Switched from the nouveau open source driver to the nvidia proprietary Linux driver. Now Shotcut is running again with no segfault. My system recently updated to the Linux 5.0 kernel. Perhaps that’s when things broke with Shotcut/Nouveau. (Graphics card is an nvidia GT 430)

Shotcut is very sensitive to OpenGL compatibility as mentioned in the FAQ and docs.

GT430 is a very old card to expect proper support in the latest kernel, nvidia dropped support for fermi this year

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