Scrolling text : TV News Bar & Movie Credits

Creating a transparent PNG image with GIMP is free.
I’m sure there is many other image editors that are free as well.


I never used Canvas dot com before. But you might want to try Photopea. If you ever worked with Photoshop before, it’s almost identical. You can export PNG files and no installation needed, it’s a web based app. Gimp is also a good free alternative.


There are lots of free editors out there. I comes down to personal preference and ease of use.

I have access to the paid* for version of canva and rate it a lot.
Most things can be done in seconds or minutes.
Just spotted the transparency restriction, so thought it fair to let people know.

*I do work for a charity and they generously provide it free.

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Good discussion, would like to learn more…

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Excellent. Can hardly wait to see the video of the video.

While it is possible to use office type apps (e.g. LibreOffice Writer etc.) to produce some nice video credits and export these as PNG images to scroll in Shotcut, I still believe that the text:HTML filter has (had?) much more potential for creating some of the best scrolling animated credits.

I will still be using this for my own credits once Text:HTML is removed from Shotcut - either by using the last version of Shotcut that supported Text:HTML, or by using OBS to create a “credit video” that I can import into Shotcut as a clip. As an example of what could be done (albeit one that is slightly “over the top” to demonstrate the capabilities) see the following video:

This was created using my “Movie Credit Generator”:


Amazing creditroll!!! Love to see your tutorial on it. I am trying to do the same, but am failing horribly. My scroll comes out choppy and not aligned. thank you so much for sharing your talent.

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I agree! Besides, you can do something like THIS: :yum: :yum: :smile:

(I, too, will continue using the HTML filter in version 20.07 or when the text:HTML filter takes its final curtain call…)

PS I fear the end is nigh for Text:HTML … screenshots from GitHub…
text html screenshot github

Star Wars credits HTML file: STAR WARS crawl example August (30.8 KB)

Simply amazing

Dear friends. I am failing miserably trying to do a credit roll. I edited the text in photoshop the way I wanted it and gave the size as you guys suggested it. 1920x10000 ( it is a long credit line) when I open it in Shotcut, it looks very small and when I scale it in the filters all the way up tp 1000, it still looks small, and when I try using the keyframes, the “Y” numbers only cover one part of the image(scroll) what am I doing wrong? I tried changing the size in photoshop, then shotcut gives mr an error that cannot open the file, I saved as PNG, also in JPEG, but no luck. Is there a way to do a long credit roll without so many obstacles?
Thank you all for your help and advice

In order to help identify the problem please do the following:

Position the play-head over the image clip; select the clip; click on “Properties”; take a snapshot of the whole Shotcut window; post the snapshot in a reply to this post.

@dankhara, just a thought, try clicking “distort” in the size and position filter…

I did choose distort, and the whole image got distorted and jumbled. I got so frustrated that deleted the whole project!!!
I wish Shotcut would add a scroll filter in the near future. It’s one of the basic filters in any video editing software. It’s difficult enough to edit nicely a video. in my humble opinion It’s pointless to add to that difficulty.

Just tried an experiment - I used the text filter and applied the “slow move up preset”.

It sort of worked. The text scrolled up ok.

However the text filter only lets you have around 4 lines of text, so this is not a usable solution.

I am wondering if the new Rich Text Filter will allow more text.
If it does, then with a preset that moves the text window slowly up/down the screen, it could be used as a simple credit roll.

@dankhara When you choose Distort (Fit also works), you need to enter enter the exact width and height of your PNG file in the Size boxes. 1920 x 10000 in your case.


Scrolling credits using a png overlay is very simple to do.
Open the png in Shotcut.
Add a Size and position filter. Set it to Fit, Center, Middle.


Set the height to match the height of the overlay. I used a 1920x1800 png.
Key frame the scroll.

The text HTML filter is still available. It can be used for scrolling credits.

Here’s a project you can use to figure out the key framing.

Scrolling (292.9 KB)



“The force is strong with this one” :thinking: :yum:

Thank you for your help, but I still am doing something wrong. now it does not distort, but when I try the “Y” position in the keyframes, it only goes to 5000 and it’s still not at the beginning of the png file. I cant seem to be able to adjust the hight of the clip to start the animation

Yes, and there are presets to scroll completely off one edge to off of the opposite, but speed is controlled by the duration of the filter (can be less than clip’s duration). Beta next week

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Just curious : Will the Rich Text Filter allow us to format parts of a text differently from the rest ? For example, if I want to apply Bold to just one word in a phrase. Or give a different color to one word in a phrase.