Scrolling credits wont export

So I’m making a movie for a school project and i added credits to the end with the rich text format, and I have exported the movie but the part with the scrolling text and the colour background, but the text is no where to be seen, i need help with this asap so please try if you can

So turns out my unintelligent brain didn’t select a text colour or something like that, thanks for trying to help, appreciate it a lot :smiley:

J’ai du mal à comprendre car ce n’est pas ma langue maternelle.
Le post que j’ai cité donne la solution (décocher la case du filtre)
Avez-vous lu jusqu’à la fin, avant de critiquer ?
L’autre solution, c’est de vous débrouiller tout seul

I find it hard to understand because it is not my mother tongue.
The post I quoted gives the solution (uncheck the filter box)
Did you read to the end, before criticizing?
The other solution is to manage on your own.

That was not his problem. A transparent text color was. He was not being critical.

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