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I made a rich text clip and chose to SCROLL UP to make it look like movie credits. It works fine when I’m testing my video, but when I Export File, and try to run it as a complete video, all that appears when the clip is running is a black screen. (?)


  • select the clip with the Rich Text filter applied
  • move the playhead in the timeline to the centre of this clip
  • select the Rich Text filter, so its parameters are showing
  • take a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window
  • post it in a reply to this post

Usually this happens because the text does not actually have a color. It is assigned one by default, but that can go missing with some type of editing. You see it in the UI because the editor is choosing something to let you edit it. Select all the text and change its color in the editor’s toolbar.

Dear Leader (not Kim Jong Il),
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I have been able to change the color of the text when I add Rick Text, and a color filter. It even scrolls up. that was good advice! But now, I can’t get rid of the white text (same information and colored scrolling up text I wanted) that remains on the page and the same time, NOT scrolling up. Try as I might, I can’t delete it. Grrr. . .

Another minor question: You mention “UI”. I’ve seen other abbreviations that I don’t know. Is there a Shotcut Glossary of Terms somewhere?
Thanks again!

Hmmm. “Select the clip. . .” Easier said than done. Though the text appears on the screen when I play the video, I can not edit it (or even Ctrl+ A, Ctrl + C copy it. It is visible, but unchangeable. (?)

There is, and I just updated the Glossary to include that UI is “User Interface”. The part of a program a user interacts with.

The only way to change text color is only after adding some text or at least 1 character. The color can not be changed prior to typing in the UI. Not sure if this is one of the known bugs of the filter or not.


It starts off showing black for text color. And yes when you open up the color selector it really shows white.

If you didn’t open up the selector, the color changes from black to white when you start typing text.
And white stays with the filter even after applying a preset such as scroll up. Changing color before typing does not make any difference, it remains white.

I suggest some sort of instruction in the text filter window to tell the user how to change the color of the text. This is really backward to how any other color selection works for other programs.

Without seeing a screenshot of your Shotcut window with the filters panel showing it is difficult to understand what is going on. I don’t understand why it’s not possible, since you managed to change the filter to colour the text.

I’m thinking the user still has the text selected, which all selected text defaults to a white appearance.

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