Saving filters to a playlist element?

Hello! I’m trying to set up a Shotcut “template” for others to use. One of the template elements, a callout arrow, I’d like to be re-scaled and faded in/out.

I can apply these manually, but I’d like them to be permanently “pinned” to the callout arrow.

I’ve attempted to save as a preset after applying the filters to the arrow, but the only filter that is saving is the size/position, and not the fades… Plus, ideally, I would prefer the user do as little adjustment/thinking as possible… I’d greatly prefer the user to simply drag the callout arrow from the playlist, drop it on the timeline, and already have the resize and fade filters applied, with no need to monkey with the filter menu.

Is there any way to achieve this?


Open the clip in the viewer. Apply the filters you want to the callout arrow. Add the fades. Click the “+” icon or shift a to add the clip to the play list. This puts the clip and all the filters in the playlist.

If you decide to modify the filters applied to that clip you need to open the clip again, make the modifications, then click the check icon or shit b to update. If you don’t update or add the clip to the playlist again the changes will not apply.

This template has a color clip that fades in, moves from the left to the right of the screen then fades out.

Template.mlt (3.2 KB)


Thank you! Worked perfectly.

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