Saving and exporting problems

Hi there,

I searched here before, but didn’t find a solution for my problem.

I can open original source videos, I can cut and work with them. When I try to save the projectfile within shotcut, it is saved. But I can’t open the projectfile again, after it has been closed. Shotscut trys then to repair the file, with the result, that all tracks aren’t there, where they should be and the sound is gone too.

AND when I try to export the file, the size changes to a little square and it can’t be watched.

I uninstalled and installed it severl times, nothing changed the problem.

I hope, you can help me, I really like your software and would like to use it, instead of all others, because the workflow really fits nicly.

regards from Vienna, Austria.

See here : Square output video

Thanks a lot, I will try this, as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot @Keno40 that fixed my problem.

So using ShotCut in another language than your OS works up to the point when you export your work… almost ALL visual filters or other settings will fail !!! … only audio filters seem to work

This is a huge bug because most people (like me) will use ShotCut in english to make it easier for them to learn the program through tutorials they find on the internet.

So at this time you can only use ShotCut in the language your Operation System is using
Either you change the language in ShotCut or your OS :confused:

I also have this problem and i dont find paralel processing .what should i do???