Save the project summarised with all contents


Is there or will there be a possibility to save a project file in SC with all contents summarized?

I am thinking of the way ‘Blender’ and ‘Reason’ can do it.

This would have the advantage of not having to assign the individual images, clips, etc. afterwards!
The size of the file would then be larger, but the exchange of many projects among each other for further processing would be considerably improved.

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I do not know what that is, but it sounds like a project folder. Read below

Maybe you want a function to copy or move all media referenced outside of the project folder into the folder. That is on the road map.


I use the following workflow and it works very well to open the project on another computer or even another operating system.

I create a new project and save it without adding any media files.
I open the project folder that Shotcut just created.
I add within that project folder, additional subfolders (this depends on the complexity of the project).
These subfolders are: images, videos, audios, subprojects (for projects that I then import as clips into the main project)
I also set Shotcut so that the Proxy folder is inside the project folder.
Before including any media files in the project, I move the files (that I plan to use) to these subfolders. Then I add the files to the project in the Shotcut interface.
The advantage of this workflow is that I can copy the entire project folder to an external hard drive, or a USB stick, and follow the editing on another computer.
The file links. MLT with the media files, are not broken as they are contained in the same folder.explorer_speMW3qRwY
Sometimes, I also include the font (if it is a decorative and non-standard font) to install on the Operating System if necessary.
The proxies folder is generated by Shotcut. Everything is in the project folder.
Sometimes, in those subfolders, there is content that I will eventually not use in the project. I delete that content when I make the final edit.
I have tried this workflow by starting a project on my PC with Windows 10. I have copied the project folder (entire), to a hard drive in an external bay.
Then I continued editing in Shotcut but in Linux Ubuntu Studio.
Additionally I always save my edition in two files.
One main file and one with the backup prefix in case there are any errors during the edition.
Maybe I am too cautious, but this workflow is easy to implement.

This is what I always do for years.

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What I mean is that SC generates only one packed project file, e.g. ‘.mltx’ and can be opened again in SC.
During the opening process SC asks in which folder the elements should be saved.

I understand perfectly.
Hahaha, so all this text I wrote was not necessary. :sweat_smile:
Maybe it will be useful to someone, someday.

I still do not understand. Is that simply like a zip file of your project folder?

No, its OK and it is useful for others! :slight_smile:

Sort of. But without using a packing program outside SC.

So I imagine two saving modes in SC:

  1. as before, depending on the system platform where only the information of the folder paths are stored.

2.) All contents are packed from the folder paths into a SC specific file, so that when the project file is opened later, the program only asks in which folder the contents will be “unpacked” again.
Apart from the font, which is system dependent, I imagine a pop-up that shows the information that the font is not installed and you have an alternative to choose a replacement font.
I hope that I could explain it to some extent.