Same simple text at all my clips

I am a beginner, so I am not sure what happened. I like to use the simple text (filter) at my clips (30 parts now after dividing the clips). And it has worked well. But I tried to write in another window, but forgot to move my marker. Suddenly I got the same text in all my clips…

If I could have seen a filter that I could remove that would not have been a problem however there is no filter connected to the text. It was not possible to undo either.

Please help me. I have used many hours for this and is not sure I can redo this again…

It would help if we could see a screen shot of your timeline.

Two things - the edit dialog shows the selected clip.
The preview window shows the clip that is under the cursor.

This means that it is very easy to have the right clip displayed and the wrong one selected or vice versa.
I have over typed the wrong clip a number of times.

The other thing to watch out for is having a filter on the track or the output - seeing your timeline would help…

Vous avez vraisemblablement mis un filtre sur la piste ou sur la sortie.
Dans ce cas, vous devez avoir un symbole comme ceci.
Cliquez dessus et supprimez le filtre.

You probably put a filter on the track or on the output.
In this case you should have a symbol like this.
Click on it and remove the filter.

Capture d’écran 2020-11-13 à 20.33.45

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This is a clip from my timeline (?)

Thank you both Roger and Namna.
It was the filter thing. I have no idea how I managed that, and was so close to delete and start over spending many hours more.
Thank you a million Namna.
Kind regards,

You have a filter on output.

This situation continues to haunt many users. I will add a confirmation dialog whenever one tries to add filters to Output.


I think this can happen when you not really pay attention to what you have selected. If you work a lot with filters and track heads this might happen quite easily without notice. Good idea to put the warning!

I believe that this keeps happening because people click on that track in order to get VUIs out of view when doing playback then forget they have it selected when they go to add another filter. That’s one of the reasons I suggested a deselect button for the Filters window:


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