Rotation clockwise over 360 deg

I am trying to get an image to to rotate a bit more than 360 deg. using the Size, Position & Rotate filter with keyframes.
It rotates smoothly until 360 deg, I can’t put a value higher than 360, but if I put 90 deg, it reverses direction. I tried to go 270 deg to 0 deg in the keyframe and it still reversed the rotation direction.
What am I missing to keep the rotation in the same direction.
Thx in advance.
Using Ver. 20.09.13

Edit: What I think is needed is a relative rotate tool ( for example +90deg, or -60deg ) instead of the absolute degrees that seem to be in use on this filter.

Hi @Indef
Split the clip with the object you want to rotate in two parts.
First part, make it rotate from 0° to 360°
Second part, make it rotate from 0° to whatever you need.
(If there is a short pause between the end of part 1 and the beginning of part 2, start part 2 at 1°)

The first part will make a complete rotation and the second part will make the rest.

Make sure you plan the length of the two parts so the rotation speed doesn’t change.
If part 1 (360°) is 2 seconds and you want part 2 to rotate 180° more, then part 2 will be 1 second long.

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Thanks, I did consider that, but while I didn’t show it in the clip, I am also moving the image, and resizing at the same time, so it becomes a bit difficult to get all three functions working smoothly together if I have to separate clips.
As I mentioned in my edit, it would make much more sense to have relative rotations, instead of rotation to an absolute degree, or another alternative is an option to define clockwise or anticlockwise after each keyframe.

Well in that case, don’t split the clip. You can do the same with one clip.
In the image bellow, the clip is 3 seconds long and the object rotates 360° then 180°.

First 2 seconds the object rotates from 0° to 360°, then it starts to 1° and ends at 180°

  1. First keyframe : 0°
  2. Second keyframe (at the 2 second mark) : 360°
  3. Move forward ONE frame
  4. Third keyframe : 1°
    [EDIT: you could need more (or less) than 1°, depending on your frames per seconds settings. Try different values if the rotation is not smooth at this point]
  5. Move to the end
  6. Last keyframe : 180°


I tried that with 0 degrees after 1 frame space and it worked great. We don’t really see that 1 frame.

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But it’s there nevertheless.
What are you trying to do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Deprive myself of sleep? :rofl:

Thanks, I will try it.

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I tried it this morning, and the transition is almost imperceptible. Thanks for your kind help.

In my opinion, there is room for a filter such as Rotate:Relative, where the command could be rotate clockwise 720 deg between keyframes. It then takes the current object and rotates it from it’s current position the specified rotation amount.

Unfortunately, my programming skills start wearing thin after the install. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into Shotcut.

Edit: I had a thought, how many degrees per frame is actually done. I calculated for a 360 deg rotation in 3 seconds, it is actually 4 degrees per frame, and lo and behold, I can’t see the transition now going 0->360->4->360
Thanks to all again.


I can see the usefulness of a Rotate: Relative filter.
I’m glad this worked for you though.

That depends upon your Video Mode’s fps setting.

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Yes, you are right, and it also depends on the speed of rotation.This figure was correct for the test vid that I made. 360 deg rotation per 3 seconds @ 30FPS = 4 deg per frame. The actual video I used it on, was completely different, but still within my maths capabilities once I understood the concept thanks to Musicbox.

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That’s right. I edited my post above (post 4) to mention that in the instructions. Thanks.

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