Rotate Video 90 degrees

When I use ‘Size, Position & Rotate’ to rotate a video clip 90 degrees, it crops the video within the original dimensions which leaves a little squared cropped version of the video.

I want to rotate the entire video without cropping it. All the tutorials use the old “scale & rotate” which seems to work the way I want.

How to I convert a video that was filmed vertically into a horizonal video?

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Hi @Dustin_H
If you mean you want this:

Instead of this:

Then you also need to reduce the size to avoid loosing parts of the video.

Thank you, but not quite.

The video was taken on a phone vertically, so it is in portrait mode, but I want to rotate the video to be in landscape orientation as would be watched on a TV.

I’m not trying to rotate a clip within the set boundary as shown in your example. I want to rotate everything 90 degrees.

Still use what @MusicalBox has shown, but first you need to set your Video Mode to something like HD1080p 30fps.

When you leave the Video Mode in “Automatic” it sets to the first video specifications opened. In the future when editing with Shotcut, always set the Video Mode before opening any video. Shotcut does remember the last Video Mode set, so you if always want to use that same setting, you only need to set it once.

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Thank you - as I am sure you guessed I am new to the software.

Is there a way to automatically fill the set video size with the clip? I set the video mode as you indicated and rotated the video with the filter, but then had to increase the ‘Zoom’ to get the video clip to fill the screen. Its not a show stopper, but seems like a bit of a hack to be increasing the zoom also. I tinkered with “Size mode” but it did not seem to change anything.

I am hoping there is a button that will automatically increase the size of the clip until it matches the wide/height of the video mode.

Not completely automatic but you can just type 1080 in one of the size boxes (width or height, depending on original orientaton) and everything else will be auto-filled correctly.

Note: 1080 because I assume you used the 1080p project, for 4k you’d use one of the 4k dimensions (2160) etc.


Thank you for the direction.

It seems that the Crop:Source filter uses the original dimensions of the imported video, which is vertical. When I apply both filters it rotates the video, then crops the center square with the vertical dimension of the original dimensions. It then enlarges it to touch the top and bottom. Unfortunately, this leaves a blank space on each side of the clip were the video was cropped away.

If there is any thing I should try beyond this try please let me know, but I really appreciate your help getting this far.

Sorry, big brain fart on my part. Yea both will not work.
SPR will be the only filter you are going to have to use.

I don’t know your dimensions, so I’m using a 1920x1080 source image/clip, turning it 90 degrees, then zooming to 177.9 keeping the centered focused.
Video Mode: HD1080p 30fps

90 degree rotated and centered

I do think it would be nice to have a filter that automatically does both things… but its a relatively minor ask compared to how user friendly I am finding the software to be. Really impressed and thankful for the people who have given their time to make it.

My final solution was to do as Hudson555x indicated and save it as a preset within the size/position filter. That made it pretty easy to adjust all my clips. 177.9 was the perfect scale to use.

Thank you all

If your video file has the correct metadata to indicate orientation/rotation then Shotcut uses it. Yours does not or at least not in a standard manner. While there are many photo viewers that let you change this metadata not many support video. Elsewhere I have proposed to provide an override for that in Properties. I did some work on that today, and it will be in the version after the next.

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