[Rotate/Scale] Scaling progress


I have a question about the scaling…

E.g. you have an image with a runtime length of 7 sec…
You set a keyframe with points at the beginning and at the end, values 10% at the beginning and 500% at the end.
Mustn’t it not be that in the middle, so after 3,5 sec., the value should be 245%?
I’m asking, because I have a value of 20%!
And even nearly at the end, I have a value of only 60%!

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This is a known issue. You need to use Size and Position filter if you want to have linear scaling behavior as you expect for now.

Thanks for the advice!

'Til then…

This is fixed for the next version 19.12

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Is this the same bug as #6 that I reported on here?

Yes! (Reported elsewhere too.)

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