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I am using shotcut version 21.06.29 (full paid version) and I found the text built by rich text ended much larger then it should be in my 4K output. While everything looks fine in preview. I transferred the same mlt file to my old laptop which is using shotcut version 21.03.31 and text looked smaller already in preview. The same font size does not look identical between 2 versions, please kindly let me know if this is due to any of my settings? Many thanks in advance.


Download the portable shotcut version 21.06.29 on your laptop (which is free if you get it from the official site), after that connect your monitor or tv as a display on your laptop, then just view the video in full screen on the secondary monitor. This could pretty much solve the scaling problem, and you could scale it according to your liking.

Indeed I am using the version from Microsoft store but I did installed download version and it looks the same. I always connect to a QHD monitor as main editing screen but keep the laptop monitor on for information purpose. Should I turn off laptop screen?

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It differs for every person, You use both, many do the same as you. Many turns of the laptop and work on the monitor. Many use the laptop screen for editing and monitor screen for full-screen preview. I do not use shotcut on a laptop (Because my laptop is a piece crap now), My desktops are too much powerful, I only use shotcut on my desktop. My laptop even doesn’t support the latest version of MS Office.

But when I used shotcut on my laptop, I just used my laptop for editing and monitor for full-screen preview.

It depends on you, on what you are comfortable the most.

This could be also because, now the most stable latest version is 21.03.21, whereas version 21.06.29 is latest but unstable.

I deleted shotcut and reinstalled portable version 21.06.29, put preview on the secondary screen in full screen mode and it looks fine. But result in output shows problem still exist, I suppose this is the problem of this version? I thank I have to install 21.03.21 until there is a solution.

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You can create a #bug topic, if you have sufficient prove to show that. Maybe it will be solved soon. But you also need to tell how to reproduce it.

There is a known bug in this area when you use fractional display scaling depending also on the physical size of the monitor. Fractional display scaling means something % other than a multiple of 100. For example, 150%. It is present in every version that includes Text: Rich, and I have improved it, but I cannot seem to fix it. It is an issue deep within some libraries that we use for the UI. So, you can either change your display scale or use something else for text.

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I tried the old change high DPI settings solution and it worked, text in preview look identical to output.

I will keep using it as it is now. Thank you.

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