[Resolved] How to focus blur?

I need to focus on part of my video and blur around it. I know programs like GIMP have feature called Focus Blur, but I don’t seem to find it in Shotcut. Searching tutorials did not help me either or I did not find the right one.

I need a simple effect like this, what is the trick to make it happen in Shotcut?:


Hi @Viktor_CZ

Shotcut comes with 3 (or 4?) filters sets included in the installation.
One of them is called Obscure with Blur

You can use it to simulate a Focus Blur like you show above.


hi @MusicalBox

that is exactly what I was looking for. The “trick” is saved under the Filter Sets which I’ve never used before, good to know that it is a feature in Shotcut. I guess I will be able to benefit from that in the future if it allow to save your own set of filters too.

Thank you so much for saving my day!

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Thanks for this tip, @musicalbox. Never knew. Useful! :+1:


It gave me an idea for a future music video. I can un-blur a section of sheet music and track it along to the music.
This way, I don’t give away too much of the music to the person viewing it.

Thanks @musicalbox, and @Viktor_CZ for mentioning it.

Short demo, made in seconds…