Resolution of exported multi clip video?

I just downloaded, created and exported my first video today. The source was two videos:

  1. A 5 sec MKV intro
  2. A 3 min WEBM screencast
    In the editor all I did was push them together and take a small chunk out of 2). I exported using the highest resolution, but 2) has a lower resolution than the source. Can you suggest any ways to improve this?

Set desired Video Mode before opening any media. Leaving it Automatic will set the video mode to the first media file loaded as the project’s video mode.

When you open up Shotcut, you’ll see this each and every time.

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That’s not it - I’m new here, why was this dispositioned as solved? Anyway, I did that already before posting to no avail.

I did that because it is most likely the correct answer. If you already set the video mode, then you probably set it lower than that source you refer to. Otherwise, you did something like add a filter somewhere to change the size. Hard to say with the information provided. In any case, since you say it is not solved, I removed the solved mark, and good luck.

  1. Check the orig. resolution of the 2 clips.
    2a. if they are same, set the video mode according - no problems.
    2b. if they are different you have 2 choices:
    2ba. Set video mode resolution to the bigger one and scale up the smaller clip (you also could leave black bars at the side with no scale up)
    2bb. Set video mode resolution to the smaller clip and scale down the bigger one.
  2. When exporting make sure you set the same resolution as in video mode
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Did you enter into Export - Advanced?
If so, what settings did you change?

The more information you can provide with file specifications, the easier it will be to find the correct solution.

Thanks very much - I will google how to do these and post the result either way. I suspect the short one has lower resolution.

To the other posters, as I stated in the OP, I used the highest resolution. Thank you for removing the solved mark, and I will post the result of Rilos suggestion when I get back on this in the next few days.

Hi guys, this is solved by Rilos. It turns out the 5 sec intro clip was lower resolution. I actually was mistaken - the previous video was fine on my desktop; it was when I loaded it in YouTube that it got grainy (and yes, I was looking at the HD YouTube version). So the first version was fine on my desktop, but bad on YouTube, but the final version was fine on both desktop and YouTube. Thanks again for your help!

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Glad i could help :slight_smile:
Also consider YT is doing a re-encoding to their special rules and use Codecs like VP8 or VP9 to have it webspace friendly. So the overall quality will not increase…
To be close to their rules keep the GOP-setting in export to 15 (Group of pictures) and don’t decrease the quality settings. Not sure what they exactly do with the videos.

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