Reset Track Height menu item in the Timeline pane

Here is a scenario where this is useful:

  • I’m editing a large video file. 4+ hours and 6+ GB for example.
    I want to keep its video thumbnails and audio wave form. I also want to keep the
    zoom level.

    For some reason, I increased the height 3 levels above the default.
    It took 8 seconds to get to 1 level above for example.
    It took 24 seconds in total.

    Now I want to go back to the default track height. If there is a reset menu item,
    it takes 8 seconds to go back. Currently without it, 24 seconds again.

If there is already a way to get back to the default track height level, I’d like to know.

I added this for v18.09 since it was so easy. Shortcut will be Ctrl+0.