Replacement for Rotate and size filter

I used the filter Rotate and size in older versions of Shotcut 19.x.x Now I have tried a new version of Shotcut 22.x.x but I can’t find a replacement for the filter.Rotate and size
I need to place the portrait -vertical - photo in the video, with black borders, and then zoom in on the detail.
In the filter Rotate and size, I simply set the appropriate cutout and offset and assigned it to the keyframes.
I tried the Size and Position filter, but I can’t set something like that there.
Please, give me an advice.

The Size, Position and Rotate filter is what you require. See the post below for more detail:

If you Google the filter you’ll see a few videos showing how to use it.

Instead of using 2 filters, you just use 1 now.

Zoom and Position

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