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Hello everybody, I’m trying to turn a yellow dress into a red one, I’m sure it can be done but am kinda struggling on how to do it. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.

Hmm … I’m sure there are other, possibly better ways to do this, but one thought that comes to mind is to use a Chroma-key filter, keyed to the yellow of the dress, and put a red screen (Open Other: Color) in the track below. This could be tricky - might be enough yellow in skin tones that it will be hard to tune the key color just right, and of course if there are other yellow objects in view, those may turn red when you don’t want them to. (In that case, you could combine a Mask filter to limit the Chroma-key just to a portion of the video, but if the subject is moving, that could get tedious / complicated …)

I tried this… with very little success

@jackoverfull if by chance that dress is on a still image, you could try to replace the yellow color with Photoshop or Gimp. You’ll find tutorials using the Replace color Photoshop or Replace color Gimp keywords.

If it’s a video file, I don’t see how it can be done with Shotcut.

I was thinking the same thing… timeline would look like this:

V1: original clip
V2: copy of original clip with these filters added:

  • “Chroma Key: Advanced” filter in Hue-Chroma-Intensity mode, keyed to yellow, high Slope, with Invert checked, which leaves only the yellow dress behind
  • “Hue/Lightness/Saturation” filter with the Hue spun to change yellow to red
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As I said, it would be tricky to get the key settings just right!

Wow, thanks for the many suggestions! It’s night here now but I’ll go though them tomorrow and report back on what worked.

Keep adding more ideas if you have any…this is a lively, great community for sure!

I’m loving shotcut by the way…loved it when I used it on a couple of projects back in 2020 and now that I’m using it on this one it’s great seeing it’s even much improved since then, with most of the issues I used to have addressed.

I had less time than expected, but managed to do a quick try with this and the initial results are promising. I’ll see if I can get it to be acceptable.

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