Rendering on another computer

i want to render a project on another computer.
The problem is:
If i open the project file it doesn’t “open” the refering video-clips.
There’s even not a message like: “shotcut can’t find the video-clips” or something like that… they just don’t open. The project itself opens normally…
what could be the solution?
If i open the project file with the edtior, i can read (on the other computer) the old saving place of the clips…
sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of questions for you.
Your answers will provide a supplement of information that will probably help solve your problem:

  • What are the version(s) of Shotcut installed on the two computers. Same version, different version ?
  • Did you transfer all the files (images, videos, audio clips) to your other computer ?
  • Or: did you transfer the project and the files on a portable drive connected to the other computer ?
  • Or: are the project and files located on a cloud service ?

the solution was the update…
the same version on both computer…
no it works

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You have to move all files for the project to work, and depending where your project file is located to your saved media files might pose a problem.

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