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Hello to the community.
I’m still in the process of digitizing my old (45 year old) cine films! I would like to correct some mistakes while im doing so!
For example if there was fluff in front of the lens in some scenes during filming.

Is it also possible to remove objects in the video with Shotcut?
I saw on YouTube that other programs have this function.
Have experimented with mask but had no success!
Thanks for pointers, most bursting tutorial but any help is appreciated.

I don’t know of any filters in SC removing unwanted objects, scratches or what-so-ever.
There may be so called ‘dust filters’ in other editors, doing more or less what is expected but never work to 100% satisfaction. Maybe there are such filters as add-ons to SC, not sure.
E.g. there are similar filters in photoshop, they work to some extent but you always have to tweak the settings for best effect.

There is a filter named Spot Remover as well as some Reduce Noise filters.

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Hi @wellenpeter
It would help if you could define what you mean by fluff and objects, or even better, show us (screen capture) of what they are.
Also, how long are they present on the screen? Are these objets present for long periods of time (multiple seconds or minutes). or just appear in a few consecutive frames.

Shotcut isn’t the best tool to use to remove a person (for example) from a scene.
But in some cases, using the Spot Remover filter (with keyframes, if needed) can do the trick.

Here’s a quick example:

@Elusien posted this tutorial a couple of years ago on how to use the Spot Remover filter.


Danke, funktioniert!

I know it’s not the right place to ask, but since you’ve helped me so well, maybe one more question! Is there a possibility to scroll with the mouse or otherwise only one frame further with shotcut playback?

Information about the mouse and its wheel is below the tables of shortcuts.

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