Remove a splice?

In doing my comments on ducking, I made a cut I didn’t need to. Is there a way to rejoin the two clips without resorting to a lot of CTL-Z and recreating work?

Somewhat related, is there a way to select multiple clips? That is, highlight clips 1,2 4, but not 3.

Right click the clip. and click Merge with next clip.

No. I don’t think so.


Sight… RTFM, right? Thanks for showing me the right page in the FM. [/wink]

Don’t think there’s a FM for Shotcut. :slight_smile:

Plenty of YouTube tutorials though.

The problem with the YouTube material is sorting out the useful from the… not so useful. Sure would be nice to just flip to the right page and… the knowledge you seek lies here. Sure would be nice to have free beer, too.

If you would like basic skills, I found the Youtube Shotcut videos by Mr. Eko very useful. He goes at a good pace and is articulate.

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Interesting videos. I’ll subscribe, even though sometimes he seems to do a how-to but not a lot of why-to.

Has “Merge with next clip” been removed? When I right click a clip, all I see is

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Remove
  • Lift
  • Split at Playhead(s)
  • Rebuild Audio Waveform.

I have a series of clips on V2 that I’d like to join so I can slide them into better sync with the material on V1. Moving 10 clips one by one only to find you want to nudge them a bit more is a bother :slight_smile:

Nope, still there.

What am I missing? This is all I see. Latest Shotcut W10.

Easy-peasy answer: you’re looking in the wrong place. Put the cursor (not play head) on the left (earlier) side of the cut. A red line will show up. Right -click and there’s your Merge with next clip. Easy-peasy!

Why do it this way? The secret’s in the wording: Merge with next clip. If you’re to the right (later side), what if there’s no next cut? What if that cut’s out of the screen and maybe you want to merge it, maybe you don’t. Cursor to the left, little red line, right-click… hello, success!

(And, yes, I should stick with decaf)

It’s so intuitive I can’t imagine how anyone can miss it. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to be difficult, but no it isn’t there. I wish Emerson’s was the answer I need. Could it have anything to do with ripple, or snapping?

So you are right-clicking the clip to the left of the clip you want to merge it with?

Yes. I’ve tried right clicking the left clip, right clicking the red handle and pretty much everything else I can think of. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this option.

Does this joining have to be done before any other edits?

Are you using the play head or the mouse cursor to get to the red bar? It’s the mouse cursor that does the trick.

I’m editing right now and it’s working like a charm. It doesn’t matter whether there are or aren’t cuts to the right (later) or left (earlier). When you’re in the right place, the cursor looks like this: <->


I forgot the secret gotcha. You can’t merge two different clips. That is, you can slice up one clip all you want, and undo the damage by merging. But you can’t merge the end of Clip A with the start of Clip B.


Indeed, but the title of the thread is ‘Remove a splice’.
If rjones wants to join two ‘different’ clips he’ll have to render them out to a single video file.

Er, the legend reads “Merge with next clip”, which suggests that, if there’s a vertical black line, this bit and that bit can be welded together. That’s correct except when merging the end of Clip A and the beginning of Clip B. I think Alfred Hitchcock called things like this a McGuffin. Sounds better than “gotcha”, don’t you think? [/wink]