Remove a splice?


To make this function more understandable it properly needs something like 2 or 3 horizontal lines over the adjoining clips to make it understandable that they are from the same continued clip, and maybe the merge option should be available when the nearest cut can be merged(not just hovering over the narrow red bar).

Ex. white stitches:

Ex. black stitches:


Or red, instead of red and green, on both sides of the cut. I can think of places where those lines would be an annoyance.


Not sure how either suggestion could be useful. In any case, mergeable adjoining clips from the same source will have identical labels.

There can’t be time gap in the clip either, merging seems only possible as a way to undo a ‘split’ when Ctrl+Z is no longer possible.


OK. I have been able to remove a split where there was no change of the image on either side. I’ve even wondered about being able to do that occasionally.

But back to the main need… I understand there likely are technical reasons not to merge to clips that were not originally continuous. The program has to be able to identify the frames and those come from different addresses. But it would be really useful to be able to splice or link adjacent clips so that one might move several clips at one time, or even possibly apply a filter to them. In my case, I’m trying to make the images on V2 fit the narration on V1. That means trimming a few frames here and there and moving the whole sequence to see how it falls best.

Mist some sort of splice function be possible?


Yes but as mentioned before, you can render out two or more dissimilar clips as one merged clip. Use a lossless format then bring it back to Shotcut (you can have more than one instance of Shotcut open)


I get what you’re saying, but, for now, what you see is what you get. [/grin]


Because that is not a merge; that is a group function, which is not yet available.


ETA? Like… tomorrow? [/wink]


This is given as a solution, but it is not an option on current version of Shotcut. If it ever was an option, is there some reason why it was removed? It would be very useful. If it ever was an option, please restore it if possible.
Yes, I know this is an old post but the issue still exists and the answer provided is not correct as of now.


It has not been removed, the option is still there in the most recent (March) version.
Merging is only possible when you are reversing an already sliced clip, not for merging to the next ‘different entirely’ clip.



Got it, thanks. So this is a Ctrl-Z function for a clip or image that has been split?

Oops. Just tested it and it didn’t merge the two, it removed the second one.
My procedure.

  1. Open clip, move to timeline.
  2. Put playhead at middle of clip.
  3. Split at playhead.
  4. Leave playhead in place.
  5. Select portion of clip before playhead.
  6. Choose “Merge with Next Clip”

Result: everything after the playhead disappeared from timeline. I’m left with only the first portion of the clip.
Is this what’s supposed to happen?

Merge with next clip on Audio track, following clip is deleted

This looks like a new bug in 18.03.06 which I just updated to (from 18.03.02)
Works as expected in earlier version/s


Press F5 to refresh and the clip will come back.


Stranger things. I closed 18.03.06 - re opened it, now it works as expected.


Merge with next clip functions as ‘delete next clip’ for me too. I’m not sure if it wiped out everything else in-line or just the adjacent clip because I didn’t scroll ahead before panicking and undo-ing.


Update, close, re launch and try again. Works fine here using the latest.


With an earlier version (18.01.x?), there was no need to update, close, relaunch…the merge worked for me as expected. I only used the feature one time, so not stress tested.


When you do a Merge with next clip and the clip disappears it it not deleted. Press F5 to refresh and the clip will come back.