remove 32:9 borders and convert to 16:9 without borders


I am an amateur video editor and I have recorded alot of desktop video’s in 32:9 widescreen, though the visible screen was only 16:9, the sides were just black borders.
Now I would like to remove these borders in the widescreen 32:9 video and reoutput the video as 16:9.
I searched google, tried few things in my favorite app shotcut and also in other apps but everything sofar was unsuccessfull. I need a little help.
Here is a link to one of my videos with borders;

Thanks in advance

Example image I made up for this demonstration:
Source image from Pixabay.

Ensure your Video Mode is set to 1080p or something with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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You also can use the size, position and rotate filter using the zoom factor.

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Open Shotcut>Video Mode =1080p HD>Drag and drop the video. (By default the clip size will fit to the canvas.

Increase the size to 200% through the size, position and rotate filter (of the clip).

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wow it works now, thank you very much everyone. I tried every method you all have given me and they all work, it is all about starting the correct video mode i see. <3

One more question; I have alot of recordings in 32:9 with a resolution of 3840x1080. But the recorded screen was (what i think is) 21:9, rest was also filled with borders.
You can see an example here (

Now I also tried the same method for this recoding, open video mode in 21:9 with various diffrent resolutions, but none of them worked like it does with 32:9 to 16:9.

What am I missing here, or doing wrong ?

Thanks alot, seriously!

I see the screenshot gets quite unreadable. Here is the additional screenshot for the properties in 32:9 screenshot of shortcut, maybe its of some use.

Create a custom Video Mode as such:

Crop: Source, with center checked.

Example image I created for this demonstration:

Source image from Pixabay.

Thanks for your reply, it is very appreciated.

This works great having the center checked. But the image is still wider then whats becomming visible. See screenshots

scrolled all the way to the left

scrolled all the way to the right

Does this imply that it is not a 21:9 video ?

Somehow i would not take 2 screenshots in one message here.

Here is the other screenshot from shotcut with image slded to right

additional info, the recorded video is 3840x1080 and is truely 32:9
As you can see from youtube video linked.
It has black borders on the sides. It is my assumption that it is 16:9 in between the black borders
As for sure it isnt 16:9

Your screenshots show that you have a 16:9 aspect ratio video mode selected.

Start a new project with the custom video mode selected.

You can also check the Video Mode specifics by clicking on Output (English language), then Properties.


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From your above video link, on a 1920x1080 screen, the inner video size dimension is 1290x540, which is not a 21:9 aspect ratio.
It appears to be 2K Resolution: 2048x1080.

Image created with GIMP.
Shows a 21:9 aspect ratio within your video posted on YouTube.

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Thanks everyone for your help in this matter.

I’ve read your replies and decided to check on those suggestions and do some more tries/tests but somehow now the 21:9 works. Also with the premade video modes ive saved, which wasnt working before I wrote my last issues.
I dont know what to say, some weird shotcut beaviour or some mistake I have made.

Whatever it was, it is fine now and working perfectly thanks to all your help.

Now I can finally finish my edits!

Much love to all of you :slight_smile: