Reframing 360 footage, is it even possible in shotcut?

i’m trying to edit 360 footage from an insta 360 x one 2 camera. i need to reframe it because the footage is just 2 spheres. is there a filter in shotcut to do this? the filters that are there are -as far as i can see- not doing that.

thanks in advance

You first need to convert to equirectangular. This filter might work if it cannot get it out of Insta360 software as equirectangular

Then there is a filter to convert equirectangular to rectilinear which is the reframing part. You can drag on the video preview to look around and use Keyframes to move the perspective

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thanks man for the swift response, you’re the best!
it works like a charm
do you have a patreon or something, i want to donate. your software is more than worth it!

To donate, click where it says “Download” at the top here to take you to the Download page. When you’re there look down you’ll see the “Donate” button.

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