REACTION COMP | Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Pulse Concert Live Performance | First Time Hearing

Hello to the entire Shotcut community.
Recently I saw on the YouTube channel of (WonderMommaOG) a video called: REACTION COMP | Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Pulse Concert Live Performance | First Time Hearing.
The producer of this video, (WonderMommaOG), incorporated at the end (16:44), the (making of) of this compilation made with the video editor Shotcut.
I invite you to watch her final product which is simply stunning with the amount of editing work done with the Shotcut video editor.
For those who complain about the cumbersome editing work, (WonderMommaOG) will definitely be a source of inspiration and encouragement for you.
As a bonus, the music of Pink Floyd to pamper your ears.
P.S. - Put on headphones to enjoy this video, your ears will thank you.

Huge thanks to (WonderMommaOG) for letting me share the link to her video with you all.

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I saw this live in 94 when the Division Bell Tour stopped for 3 nights in Montréal.
I was blown away back then, so it’s no surprise to see the reaction of people listening and watching it for the first time. I suspect some of them are over reacting quite a bit to put on a show though. But that’s OK, I guess. It’s part of the YouTube game.

Thanks for sharing @The_Pragmatic

It’s true that some reactions are surely scripted and exaggerated, but the real reason I shared this video is the remarkable editing work to produce it.
Having to match dozens of videos with Comfortably Numb’s soundtrack, while some of them don’t hesitate to abuse the “Pause” button, is certainly a tedious task.
I also saw this concert, not just once, but twice on May 23 and 24, 1994, Montreal Olympic Stadium. My employer (Labatt Breweries of Canada) was the sponsor for the three shows in Montreal, they were offering employees discounted tickets, in addition to a draw of a few dozen tickets. I bought mine for May 23 and I won those (a pair) for May 24. Some people have asked me, “Why are you going to see this show twice?” When they finally saw the DVD of this show a few years later, they understood why I was there twice.

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Indeed, I was quite impressed by the use of Google Sheets to coordinate the editing process. I might use this method in some projects.

That was my plan too… but couldn’t miss two days of work (I’m from Québec city).

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Yes, and there is no HST between Quebec and Montreal, in addition, the concerts were presented on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
My employer who had sold and raffled tickets had to suffer the consequences of absenteeism.
Not easy to report to work for the night shift after watching this show.
I had informed my foreman that I would certainly be late for my shifts.

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Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my work here. The last 7 of my videos all have a “making of” section at the end. I also have a playlist of videos with a little extra editing that I did.

I absolutely LOVE using Shotcut over any other free editing program. I’ve been editing videos for years casually, but feel like Shotcut, being as dynamic as it is, has really helped sharpen my editing skills in the last two years. A big part of editing is intuition as well.

Yes, finding genuine reactions can be a challenge sometimes, but some of them don’t make it that hard to weed out. lol For the Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit video I had a total of about 75 different reactor videos to review… after weeding them out I think I ended up with 30.

Thank you again, The Pragmatic, for the post and kind words. It’s very satisfying to hear that something I absolutely love doing brings people warm fuzzies. :star_struck: :blush:


Very good video and news to learn about here. It was wild to see all that preparation work. As a Gen Xer, I have been to many concerts but sadly never a Pink Floyd or David Glimore one.

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