First time music reaction compilations - Playlist

One of my videos has previously been posted here: REACTION COMP | Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Pulse Concert Live Performance | First Time Hearing but I thought I would come by and share a recent video as well as the playlist. Most of the videos on my channel, including the gaming videos were made with shotcut. My editing skills keep evolving and I am so grateful for this dynamic editor. I LOVE the new nudge function in the latest release. With compilations and having to match up audio on songs it helps so much!

Also, at the end of each of my videos is a “making of” section where I show how I made the video.

Latest video - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell:

Entire Reaction Compilation playlist:


Hi @WonderMommaOG

I remember that post about your Pink Floyd video. I was impressed then by all the preparation you do and your editing skills. This one is as impressive. Well done.
I like to watch music (and movies) reaction videos. Making compilations of these reactions is a great idea. This time I subscribed to your channel.

By the way. I would be very interested to see a video showing in more details how you prepare and edit your compilations.

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Thank you so much. I go live sometimes and show quite a bit of the process during those streams. You can check my previous live videos although I get distracted from chat quite a bit… lol Perhaps one of these days I’ll create a video outlining the entire process. It always surprises me to find people on youtube who enjoy the making of portions or watching me edit them on livestream. Doesn’t surprise me so much here… :sweat_smile:.

Thanks again!

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Will do. Thank you.

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