Ramos Family & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Jaime Aaron Ramos (Made with Shotcut)

Good morning and Happy Monday fellow Shotcutters,

AJ here with another Made with Shotcut video. On June 21, 2021 my brother passed away suddenly at the age of 32. We were two years apart and his death, to say the least, has turned my life upside down. I summoned the courage to create a video memorial for his Celebration of Life. And through this video tribute to my brother; I hope it helps others who find themselves journeying through the unfortunate experience of loss, feel less alone.

                       [Rest In Peace Jaime Aaron Ramos 1989-2021]

If any of you fellow Shotcutters have questions about Shotcut or want to collaborate on future projects; say “Hello.” :wave: Thank you for watching. Keep calm and Shotcut on!




My God! So young…
I’m very sorry for your loss.
You paid him a beautiful tribute with this video. The text near the end is very touching.


Just don’t want him to be forgotten or for his death to have no meaning.

Appreciate you checking out the video.


A moving tribute to someone who was obviously so special to you and so many others. He may be gone, but he lives on in the memories of you and the rest of his family and friends.


This year i lost 13 family members due to Covid19 and still i dont have courage to make a tribute to them.
In memories for those who are not with us in flesh but in spirit. ~ Max Cavalera

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@AVENUENIGHTS , I’m almost speechless. That is a wonderful, moving tribute to your brother. I was watching and thinking, wow, that is how a memorial video should be made. I’m just sorry events gave you the necessity to make it. Very touching. From a video editing perspective, the visual effects and choice of music are stunning. Gently and compassionately handled.

To be able to create this with open source software is just incredible - all down to @shotcut who has made this possible.

Makes you realise just how fragile life is … I’m extending a huge hug from me to your family from across the Atlantic Ocean. Take care.


So, so sorry for your loss. It is always hard, but when it happens so young … there are no words. You have created a beautiful tribute and memorial.

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Thank you @Elusien a lot of the principles I learned from you and others I applied to this memorial. Appreciate all the assistance with learning Shotcut.

@Sheep that’s awful. my condolences and please stay safe.

max cavalera, said that?

wow, that really means a lot to me! thank you for watching @jonray

like i was telling @Elusien a lot of the shotcut foundations, tips, and tricks that i learned from you guys and others i applied to this tribute to my brother. just want to thank you for all the knowledge and for letting me be a part of this wonderful @shotcut community.

appreciate the digital hugs and see you on the next tutorial! :wink:

it was a total shock to my family @awake but we grieve, we mourn, and we move forward. thank you for watching.

stay safe everyone!

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Well done, mate. That’s a beautiful tribute to your brother.

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Appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

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