Quickly find the playhead position

Hey guys, some times, mostly after a zoom change, i lose the playhead position and have to search by scrolling timeline. Is there some way to find it quickly?

Move up or down one frame with the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Sometimes it’s so simple! :smiley:

how can i set it to default, so i dont need to move up or down one frame?

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Actually, I noticed that it doesn’t work every time. Can you tell me why?

I don’t remember coming across a situation when it doesn’t work. Can you show a situation when it doesn’t work?

If moving up and down one frame doesn’t work then try quickly pressing play then stopping on the spacebar. Shotcut is programmed so that the focus shoots back to the playhead when media is playing in the preview window. That is why if while you are playing what’s in the timeline and use the scroll bar on the bottom to try to manually move the view away from the playhead Shotcut will resist so that the focus will stay on the playhead.

I’ll be watching better on the exactly time that it use to fail and if I found some way to explain it better so I’ll be back here try to get help and figure it out. Thank you guys

Try to set "Center the playhead’ (or so named) in the timeline settings.
I always work with this and pressing ‘Play’ or moving by frame it jumps to. :smiley:

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