Zoom In/Out within the working line

hi, im working with Shotcut, and i must say it really really great!
but im having a hassle when i try to zoom in/out in Timeline, the working line is not the center of the zoom.
can i request like tick button for ‘zoom to playhead’ to the working line?
i tried to use the ‘center the playhead’ but its kinda different function from what i mean, beacuse it always in the center, while when im working, most of the time i need to see all the progress and hop in hop out

heres the link to see what i mean


I made a very similar suggestion 2 months ago in this thread:

The response from Dan was “No”.

I also had made a request about a “zoom fit” button that could be placed here:

It would function as a zoom that would instantly adjust the view of the timeline to cover everything from start to end so that one could get a quick view of everything in the project in one view.

However, there is a main issue with the timeline which is when it gets over a certain length (about an hour) the speed of the zoom starts to slow down considerably. I suppose that would have to be improved upon first before anything else and who knows when that will happen as Dan has a lot on his development plate.

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I’m not sure but does this thread help you? Quickly find the playhead position

Would be great to have a ‘zoom fit’ button.

Thanks for pointing this thread out! I think a “zoom to playhead” option would fix the problem i was referring to.

Yes, it would because it is a problem. The current behavior with the zoom makes no sense. It’s very frustrating. When it comes time to zoom in I dread it because I know it will zoom in to something random so I’ll have to then press more keys to center the view back to the playhead. It’s unnecessary. All other editors I have used have the playhead as the focal point for the zoom. Shotcut doesn’t. The only way to avoid this problem in Shotcut is to use Center to Playhead mode in the timeline but that changes the whole workflow to something I personally don’t care for.

@shotcut, please reconsider making the zoom use the playhead as the focal point. It has been brought up several times now by users such as in this thread and in this previous thread:

This thread is about using the zoom buttons/keyboard shortcuts, but you are talking about mouse wheel zoom here.

Plenty of people have already stated they dislike when the timeline scrolls without their input, which is what this thread is proposing to do with zoom using buttons or keyboard shortcuts. Some people always complain when there is a general behavior change. I am tired of addressing something - fix or suggestion - only to have someone else come back to say that was wrong. I will accept a code change contribution in this area that is governed by an option in the configuration file/registry. I will also accept a code contribution that adds a keyboard shortcut to scroll timeline to the playhead.

Both topics are one and the same because the mouse wheel zoom suggestion was proposed as a solution to the issue that Shotcut’s zoom in seems random:

In any case, I understand you have a lot on your plate so please don’t take my posts on this as me hassling you. That’s not my intention.