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Not sure, but I could have sworn that in the past, whenever I added one of my recordings to the playlist, it would open the Video of it along with all five audio tracks underneath it? Or was that in a different editor? Can I switch (back) to that kind of layout? Currently whenever I open any of my recordings, audio track 1 is the default, and the only one that I can manipulate in any way, it seems? Please help.

You can select the active audio in the properties for a clip, bu you can only have one active

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Ah, and I think I figured out that I can “add audio track” after selecting that other one, and it’ll display as many as I like. It’s just a lot of work (that must have been Vegas I was using earlier on). Timeline: Unbind Audio from Video → Properties → Audio → (Select Channel 1 through 5) → Timeline: Create new Audio track from current Channel. Rinse, repeat five times for every video I’m adding. Boy … that is … going to be … a bit of a pain. But I’m glad it can be done, at all. I wish that, when opening a file, it’d just ask me if I would like to add or append to X number of audio tracks.
Thank you very much for your help, Tim!

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It looks like that script is written for Windows command prompts, so I’d have to attempt to adapt it to my needs. However, looking at the process he’s describing, he would be a lot speeder than I would be, the more files he’s putting into his projects. For me it’s usually 1-4. I might still be better off by doing this through the properties tab, even it if feels cumbersome to me. I’m a spoiled kid, I guess, because Vegas just creates as many tracks as the file you drag in, has got, in the file opener and direct dragging and dropping.
Still, thank you very much! <3

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You can use Audacity to open the multi track .mkv, select the tracks to load

select File → Export → Export Multiple to export the tracks to separate audio files

Thank you, I’ll play with that setup for a while, see how well it works for me. It’ll be critical that they stay in perfect sync with the video recording and this is sometimes tricky when they’re processed in some other way after. Commencing experimenting. :3

Here’s one way to get all the audio tracks from your video clip on separate tracks in the Timeline.
The video clip I used in my example contains 4 different audio tracks.

  • Select your video clip.
  • Detach the audio.
  • Create blank audio tracks in the timeline. I need 3 more, for a total of 4.
  • Select & Copy the Audio clip.
  • Select each of the new timeline audio tracks and paste the audio clip. Make sure they are aligned with your video clip.
  • Select the first audio clip and in Properties open the Track drop down menu, make sure it’s set to Track 1
  • Select the next audio clip and choose Track 2 in the Track drop down menu.
  • Select the next audio clip and choose Track 3 in the Track drop down menu.
  • Select the next audio clip and choose Track 4 in the Track drop down menu.

You now have each of your audio tracks in the timeline.

Additionally, you can rename each of these audio tracks if you want to.


Thanks. Great help.

I have a bunch of clips where I need to separate the audio tracks like this, does shotcut have any way for me to write a script to automate this?

Hi @Kaizen.
Forum member @jonray uses an external app called AutoHotkey (Windows only) that could possibly work for you.

See this post where he mentions it.

Check the ffmpeg video i shared in the thread it show a simple way to to spit mutitrack into separate files.

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