Another way of adding subtitles. (Fancy ones)!

Several ways of creating subtitles have been discussed over the years…
Here’s another - it creates fancy “revealing” then “erasing” text.
These subtitles were created with the help of an Auto Hotkey script… (Windows only, sadly…)
(I had a bit of help with the script from a guy called “OFF” on the AHK forum for which I am grateful)…

I’ve posted the AHK script if anyone would like to try it. Instructions:

Install AHK… but IMPORTANT… it only works with AHK version 1 (not the latest V2) so please read this first if you are installing it from scratch. (It’s possible to have V1 and V2 installed on the same device…)

  1. Change the .txt extension of the attached file to .ahk.
  2. Edit the AHK file in a text editor by writing in song lyrics of your choice.
  3. Tweak the parameters if you need to…
  4. Double-click the AHK file (or right menu > run script) to run it (it’s now primed and ready to go once you press the hotkeys CTRL/1).
  5. Open a text editor (it works in Notepad, but in Windows 11, the maximum text size is 22pts, which is rather small for subtitles, so I used Libre Office Writer and used 36pt text (Arial)…)…
  6. Take a screen capture of the whole screen - I used ShareX - then press the hotkeys CTRL/1 and your text will start to appear.

This is the process:

  1. In Shotcut, Import the Screen capture MP4, crop out the edges and add a white background (actually the background wasn’t pure white so I used the colour picker in SC to get the correct shade of white)…

  2. Export as an MP4.

  3. Re-import, place on V2 (your music video goes on V1),
    add filter “Invert Colours”… this gives white text on a black background…

  4. Add filter “Blend mode - ADD”.

  5. Tweak the lengths of the subtitles to match the music…

That’s about it, except each line of text is not centered, so I tweaked the horizontal positions with the SPR filter.

Just one caveat - Use AHK at your own risk! I’ve used it for years though and had no problems whatsoever…
AHK script:

AHK subtitles version 1 YESTERDAY JONRAY.txt (1.5 KB)



You can also use Transkriptor if you want to add video subtitles.

It also allows you to create subtitles in different languages. You can download your subtitles with the .SRT extension.