Project resolution useless area

Hi everyone!
I have a video (1920x1080) with horizontal stripes. I removed stripes with the filters and shifted the useful area (1920x820) to the upper border. There is a black area at the bottom, I want to remove it, but I don’t know how… I only want to cut off that area at the bottom, keeping the whole image (not using scaling and losing the side parts of image). In sum, I want to get a file with a resolution of 1920x820 without any stripes. How can I get it?
I tried to change the resolution in the export settings (like 16:7 and the resolution itself), but I got only new side stripes, and the area at the bottom remained.

You need to create a custom Video Mode for your project.

Or you can leave Video Mode in Automatic, then open the first video of 1920x820.

Thank you, Hudson555x!
This didn’t solve the problem in the way that I expected, but the solution is effective!
I’m satisfied and will use this method next time, thanks)

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