Program struggling, lagging, crashing

My program is struggling doing literally anything, I’ve tried to fix it for 2 days now but I have no clue why it’s a mess.

Basic info:
Windows 11
RTX 3060 Ti
Installed on SSD
Version 23.07.29
Closing every application in the background (the ones in the taskbar to the right)

I’m editing a video that’s 5min long, 24FPS, 1280x720, 2 video tracks in use, 1-2 filters on each clip.
Program has been slow from the beginning, but definitely got worse with more edits to clips. Specifically reacts a lot to clicking the undo button in the upper left corner and undoing in general. Moving clips to a different track as well, but I’ve seen a lot of people say that they struggle with that. I would say crashing happens every 10 minutes, in relation to doing something that makes it load for 10 seconds or more, sometimes it just does the “not responding” and comes back. When it loads for a long time, the CPU or memory does not spike or anything like that.
Any tips on what I can do to improve the performance?

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One idea would be to look for other applications that may be interfering. As a test, try turning off antivirus.

One user found that Grammarly was interfering.

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Yeah I have tried, hence why I said I’ve closed all applications I can and tested it out. I’ve already read that antivirus and grammarly cause issues, but I don’t use any of them so there wasn’t anything to disable.

I’ve gone through every single similar thread and tried everything I can find. I have no idea why undo specifically is awful to the program.

Edit: I could go into the applications that are only shown in the task manager, I’ve tried the basic ones like widgets and Razer synapse, the ones I can close without accidentally executing my PC. I’ll have a check when I can ^^

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